Your Can & Bottle Redemption Center with a Purpose

Hours of Operation

Mon  through  Saturday : 

8:00am - 3:00pm 


** check Facebook or CALL.  We close at times to process
           high volume of cans and on all state Holidays. 


1901 County Street

Dighton, MA   02715

Call us 

(774) 872-0214

We Accept 

MA stamped cans, plastics and glass

Our Process

Arrive with your pre-counted cans , plastic bottles or glass bottles. It is recommended that Cans and Plastic  be in clear bags, or we may need to have you recount when you arrive.

******************************************   Glass MUST be in ORIGINAL boxes.  *****************************************

.05 cents paid for cans / plastic and glass in boxes.               ****   .04 cents paid for loose glass 

✨✨✨We sell boxes .70 cents each for your glass bottles. Holds 24 glass bottles ✨✨✨ 

✨✨✨ We sell can / plastic bottle bags 5 for $2.00  ✨✨✨ 

© 2021 Town Line Redemption
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